Today is my Mother’s birthday. I won’t be calling her.

I don’t even have her number, and she doesn’t have mine.

We haven’t spoken in many years. The last time we did, was one-sided hurling of verbal abuse of words and things that no mother should ever say to a daughter. She was black-out drunk.

Whatever she is doing today I hope she knows that she is loved and many of us are ready and willing to make amends, when it is safe for us to do so.

Until she is willing to heal, remove substances from her life for…

What is there to expect from the future, other than what we can expect from our future selves?

Onwards we go, into the unknown abyss as COVID-19 shatters our image of the life we thought we had.

Goodbye pension, goodbye benefits, goodbye steady income, goodbye stability.

If you’re reading this and have recently lost some of those things — hang in there.

Some people choose to lose those things, but most recently the majority of people had them taken away..

After your “life” is uprooted by a pandemic, the only thing you can do next is breathe… then, take your next step.

You can’t plan your way out of this one. You can’t hide until it’s over.


Lately, things have been looking up for me in terms of my personal, social and professional world.

Sometimes I am pinching myself because I shed the imposter syndrome and am actually soaking in the glow of my work.

My decades of trying have finally become my years of results.

But with these moments of joy, I can’t help but remember enduring many dark days, hard times and scary hurdles.

Even though some days were extremely hard and I wanted to throw in the towel, quit my goals and start over with something easier… I couldn’t.


Because I had people counting…

Save time and save mental strain with these 6 tips from someone who used to review hundreds of grant applications.

Before I was a business and compliance consultant, I spent over 10 years working in public bodies and government. I have administered hundreds of grant applications in my career and eventually, I ended up designing and updating grant and award policies, forms, submittals and reporting-back processes.

So when I began consulting in 2017, one of the service offerings I listed was “grant writing.” When really, I should list it as “grant application consulting.”

Over the past few years, I have…

I’m 32. It’s the perfect time to question everything that I am doing, thinking, eating, trying and spending my time on. It’s hard to describe, but something happens to you when you hit your 30’s and you look back on all the time that you wasted second guessing yourself. When you hit your 30’s, time is no longer measured by what you have ahead of you…

Time becomes your most valuable resource.

Don’t leave people hanging on an empty “sorry.”

Consciously or not, it feels like every decision I make now needs to be in the direction of my goals and values because I can’t afford to waste my time by venturing down another…

(Author’s note: To begin, I’d like to share life experience with you that led me to write this… but if you want to head straight to the 5 strategies, by all means — scroll down to the middle for the juice! -Nikki)

When I was 14, my first job was working as a server in a 1950’s style ice cream parlour. I worked there for over 4 summers and I still look back fondly at those years because the workplace was fun, it had a great sense of community and I met lifelong friends there. But the real reason I…

Nikki Best

Fresh perspectives on work, life and the “why” of humans. Consulting with conscience, resiliency and curiosity. Founder of

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