What is there to expect from the future, other than what we can expect from our future selves?

Onwards we go, into the unknown abyss as COVID-19 shatters our image of the life we thought we had.

Goodbye pension, goodbye benefits, goodbye steady income, goodbye stability.

If you’re reading this and have recently lost some of those things — hang in there.

Some people choose to lose those…

Lately, things have been looking up for me in terms of my personal, social and professional world.

Sometimes I am pinching myself because I shed the imposter syndrome and am actually soaking in the glow of my work.

My decades of trying have finally become my years of results.


Nikki Best

Fresh perspectives on work, life and the “why” of humans. Consulting with conscience, resiliency and curiosity. Founder of www.snowberryconsulting.com

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